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everything's in order inna black hole

nothing seems are pretty as the past though.

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the mobile oppression palace.
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someday i imagine i'll be able to find something that defines me.
y'know, so i can write it in this here box.

1337, 221b baker street, 42, abed nadir, ahmazing buuuhhhk, alan moore, alice in wonderland, aluminum foil, angst, arthur conan doyle, badfic, bagels, bandwagons, batman, bbc, being a hypocrite, ben folds five, benjamin linus, black adder, black books, bocke, capslock, chuck palahniuk, community, construction paper, dc, dinosaurs, disney, doctor who, douglas adams, drama, dreams, fic, fighting dragons, forensics, forgetting, from hell, geeking, good omens, graphic novels, guts, h2g2, hannibal lecter, hard candy, harry potter, harry potter badfic, hotson, house, hrg, hugh laurie, hurpa durp, jeeves and wooster, john locke, john watson, julian bashir, jurassic park, kathy griffin, les miserables, life on mars, lollipops 'n sunshine, long lists, lost, lotr, lots of gay action, lucid dreaming, marvel, misfits, modern family, moral greyness, murder, mythology, neil gaiman, nerding, no shit sherlock, noah bennet, nomming inadvisable things, not acting my age, other stuffs, patrick rothfuss, philosophy of time travel, psychology, pushing daisies, raptor jesus, reading, roberta sparrow, rorschach, rping, rube goldberg machine, saving the cheerleader, serial killers, sherlock, sherlock holmes, shiny things, six feet under, slash, sleep is timetravel, slouched shoulders, star trek, stephen colbert, stephen fry, tapdancing on the air, the beatles, the big bang theory, the fratellis, the ink spots, the kingkiller chronicle, the vesuvius club, time traveling bunnies, to infinity and beyond, torrenting large files, true crime, txting hos, tyrano satan, velociraptors, victor hugo, victorian stuff, video editing, viva la resistance, vladimir nabokov, waaaaaaaaalt, walking in circles, walking with the ghost, walter kovacs, wank, watching the watchmen, watching tv on computers, wikipedia is my bible, wild things, writing, your mom

Social capital

  • less than 10